Somerset Village & Community Agents

Somerset Village & Community Agents are brought to you by CCS

CCS Village & Community Agents provide confidential, practical community-based solutions for you, wherever you are in Somerset.

Your local CCS Village Agent can be contacted directly, or by referral through your Doctors surgery.

CCS Community Agents can only be contacted by a referral from your doctors or Adult Social Care Services.

They help when others don’t, won’t or can’t!

Scroll down to watch a short film about what the Agents are doing during COVID-19 lockdown to help in their communities.

We want to help

We want you to be

Healthy & well

Able to manage your affairs

Independent & safe

Part of a strong & thriving community

Free advice with a coffee

Talking Cafes

Talking Cafes are a multi-agency information cafe, providing free advice and support to the public – with support from experts in finance, health, housing and more. 
Due to the Corona Virus we have closed all Talking Cafes until further notice.
Please check in with your local agent for continued support in other ways

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Somerset Village & Community Agents

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