Re-home a Phone!

Your old phone could help someone reduce their loneliness and isolation

THANK YOU to all those people who have donated to the Re-home a Phone appeal – so far we have had nearly 100 items donated!

Check your ‘bits and bobs’ drawer where old devices lurk waiting to be loved again!

By donating an unused phone to us, YOU can help reduce loneliness and isolation for people in Somerset, as well as help in their everyday lives doing online shopping.

We will :

✔️ refurbish the phone

✔️ remove any personal data

✔️ provide the new owner with a SIM card

✔️support them to use the phone with video tutorials and install apps that will help them to keep in touch with their loved ones.

To donate, please contact our Village Agent Ellie Bishop on:

Mob: 07985 748910

You can find out more here about the impact of our last re-home a phone campaign here:

Watch this short film on our Re-home a Phone Project