Meet the Somerset Agents

Our team of Agents has expanded and diversified greatly since launching in 2012 and we now have over 60 Agents working with Somerset’s people and communities!

The CCS Agent teams are:
– Village Agents
– Community Agents
– Homefirst Community Agents

Scroll down for a description of each type of Agent

Here to help

Village Agents

A Village Agent can help you if you are over 18 years old and need help, support and advice on nearly anything!

  • Do you have a problem that can be fixed by accessing the right people, services or agencies, but are unsure of where to begin?
  • Are you an unpaid Carer who looks after others (no matter how informally) and need a little help and support? Click here for our Carers service info. We can also offer meal respite packs for you and the person you care for. Get in touch here >>> Click here
  • Do you live alone, and feel isolated or lonely?
  • Do you have a problem and do not know who to turn to?
  • Does your community have a collective problem that needs a kickstart to solve?
  • Are you struggling to afford food, or would benefit from pre-cooked frozen meals, especially if you aren’t able to cook – Click here

Our team of dedicated professionals WANT to help you – click here to request a call back from the team.

* All conversations are treated with the strictest confidentiality *

Here to help

Community Agents

Community Agents work with people following a referral from Adult Social Care. They cannot be contacted directly without a referral.

  • They offer free, confidential practical support and refer or signpost to relevant agencies and service providers
  • They explore a holistic range of solutions and support for people and develop a package to help the individual
  • They can find, apply for, and secure grant funds for individuals to help meet a wide range of issues

Adult Social Care colleagues:

  • Community Agents are your dedicated support team. Please do not contact Village Agents.
  • A referral is always to be made via the Peer Forum.
  • Please do not use Agent Call Back form as a way of referring into the Agent service, this will be rejected.
Here to help

Hospital Village Agents

Our Hospital Village Agents can support you or a loved one’s transition home from the hospital.

  • From health and housing, to finance and transport – advice and support is here for you to help you or your loved one return home from hospital.
  • NHS staff who would like to discuss discharge options and support available for their patients are welcome to contact their local Hospital Village Agent.
  • Help deliver a package of care for you or your loved one as you leave the hospital
  • Drop-in Talking Cafes in Musgrove Park Hospital and Yeovil District Hospital.

Hospital Village Agents are available through the discharge team at the hospital. Just ask your Ward OT for a SPOC referral .